Dr. Ray Pennoyer to speak at “Sure Footing” Bible Seminars

NEST’s own Dr. Ray Pennoyer will be leading a Bible Seminar in two locations in Connecticut, one on Saturday May 3 (Bethel) and the other on Saturday May 10 (Derby). Registration is just $5 and it includes a light breakfast. While this is not an official NEST event, we are sure this will be of interest to our friends. Click for more information.sure-footing-bible-seminar

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Church without Faith?

sunday assembly atheist church

Our general readership consists of believers who gather weekly at local churches to pray, participate in worship, and listen to a biblically based sermons. During the week they may gather to participate in a Bible study. Their lives are filled with prayer and petition, contemplation and understanding of their lives in the context of a biblical reality. Their actions are guided because they believe in the God of the Bible.  This has become the cornerstone of Western faith-based activity for hundreds of years. 

What does the atheist do to comfort, celebrate and give purpose to his life?  It would seem a new trend attempts to meet such needs.  How about attending an ‘atheist church’?  (Picture Credit) Continue reading

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Does Truth Exist? Fall 2013 Conference Wrap-up

How would an advertising specialist, psychologist, Christian apologist, New Testament truth2scholar, Old Testament Scholar and scientist answer the question, does truth exist?  On Saturday, November 2, six speakers had a chance to share their unique views.  If you were unable to attend this exciting and informative event, I’d like to summarize a few of my notes from the speakers. Continue reading

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New Testament Greek IV offered by Prof Anderson – visitors welcome

New Testament Greek IV: Syntactical Analysis
This course is the fourth of the New Testament Greek courses. This course will focus on syntax and grammatical relationships in three passages that will help the interpreter to understand the intentions of the author and how to make interpretive decisions based on the text. There will be eight (8), two-hour sessions; each text will be studied over two class sessions: Colossians 1:3–20; Mark 1:4–20; Revelation 1:1–20; and 1Timothy 2. This course is open to anyone who has a basic understanding of New Testament Greek. (Guests are welcome for anyone who wants a “Taste” of New Testament Greek.)

Details below

NT Greek Book

Continue reading

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The Truth According to Mark?

The New England School of Theology is honored to interface with evangelical scholars in the local community.  Among our number we have a gifted individual in Chip Anderson.  Chip  takes an active roll in the community, writing, speaking, teaching, preaching and participating in conferences both near and far.  His academic and publishing accomplishments are available to view at his faculty webpage.  Chip has recently published his second book entitled, Wasted Evangelism, Social Action and the Church’s Task of Evangelism / A journey in the Gospel of Mark, which is available at Wipf and Stock Publishers

I was able to ask Chip a few questions about his new book.

Continue reading

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Science, Sin and Truth

We often believe that scientists are ‘cool calculators’ meaning that they are dispassionate observers prepared to dissect an object and report the details impartially (despite some of the Hollywood images of mad scientists).  Are scientists ‘cool calculating’ thinkers or does attitude and virtue influence the work of a scientist?  (picture credit). Continue reading

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Faith Crimes?

1984first.jpgRemember George Orwell’s 1984?  You might have read the novel in high school or college.  It explores a chilling future world where the government has defined ‘thoughtcrimes’ and set up a police force (thought police) to monitor individuals actions, words and movements.   Sounds impossible? Continue reading

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Does Truth Exist? Announcing our Fall Apologetics Conference

Does Truth Revised graphic for conference

Plan to attend! The conference will be held Saturday, November 2 2013 at at Trinity Church in Fairfield, Connecticut. For more information and to register, please visit our conference page.

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Spinning Jesus?

killingDuring a recent sermon, I heard some troubling things about Bill O’Reilly’s current book “Killing Jesus”.  The ‘no spin’ – popular cable vision commentator has previously written two best – selling books “Killing Lincoln” and “Killing Kennedy”.  In an interview, with Norah O’Donnell of 60 Minutes, O’Reilly disclosed his and co-author Martin Daugard’s intentions with the book.  Continue reading

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Does Truth Exist? Our Culture in Crisis

Conference Date: Saturday, November 2, 2013


Register today

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